Inside Silicon Valley: Mid-Week Reflections

On the week of March 6th-11th, 2017 a group of 40 international executives and MBA students took part in the LeadershipGarage symposium “Inside Silicon Valley”, visiting Palo Alto to explore diverse themes related to leadership in the digital world. The structured, intensive program analyzes the challenges of the digital future through the modules “Experience – Understand – Leverage”.

The LeadershipGarage Research Group is a University-Business Collaboration Space that brings science and practical experience together by researching the digitalization of the professional world, enabling the sharing of ideas, developing practical solutions, and creating network partnerships for businesses that are currently facing similar situations.

This is a video of some “Inside Silicon Valley” participants, during and after their mid-week visit to the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford (the D.School), reflecting on why they came to Silicon Valley and what they learned so far.

Ron Müller
Wissenschaftlicher Grafik- und Webdesigner

Digitaler Fingerabdruck:
Ansturmbändiger, Pixeljongleur, Geschichtenerzähler und Nerd hier und anderswo.

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