Inside Silicon Valley: Karsten Schmidt on Data-Driven HR

The LeadershipGarage Experience “Inside Silicon Valley” is an expert symposium which gives participants interdisciplinary perspectives on several important areas of leadership. The week-long intensive program included a deep-dive into Data Driven HR at the SAP Labs Innovation Center in Palo Alto on March 10th, 2017.

Headlining our deep-dive was Karsten Schmidt, the Head of Technology for the SAP Innovation Center. An expert at driving research projects and creating innovative software solutions, he gave us an introduction to the role of data in business decisions and to the future of enterprise systems and AI. Watch some of his presentation below for an outline of points that are critical when turning to data and especially automated processes for decision making.

In addition, participants were able to form break-out groups in order to share perspectives on some areas concerning data-driven processes and to get feedback from the SAP experts. Some questions covered were:

  • Which problems are your company currently encountering in HR, and how can new digital tools be useful in these situations?
  • How can you trust machine learning based results and what is the people impact?
  • What is the added value that data driven HR brings to your company?
  • Could the data you need to benefit from new tools already be available, and who is prepared to utilize it?

It was enlightening to hear one another’s challenges and goals related to the current or desired use of data, and having representatives from SAP available meant we also got expert technical perspectives on the topics we discussed. The LeadershipGarage will take these questions forward as we continue researching the effects and requirements of data driven processes, and we look forward to continuing our discussion with Karsten and SAP in the future!

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