Inside Silicon Valley: Experiencing Remote Communication

The LeadershipGarage Experience “Inside Silicon Valley” is an expert symposium in the heart of digital progression. The week-long intensive program included a visit to the Beam shop in Palo Alto on March 8th, 2017 as part of the theme “Design and Technology”.

Tom Wyatt, VP of sales for Suitable Technologies (manufacturer of Beam), as well as several digitally present employees were available to give more insight into the needs of employees and managers working digitally and in virtual teams. Inside Silicon Valley participants, representatives from European companies, were able to contrast the experience of interacting directly with people against interacting with the Beam. They had an opportunity to address key questions regarding the transforming field of remote communication, including:

  • How to best communicate when team members work remotely and are spread across several continents?
  • How to deal with reduced body language in video conferences?
  • How to balance engaging with multiple people while remotely communicating

Participants also had the chance to try out controlling the Beam, and give feedback on functionalities they’d like to see in the future. It was a great experience, and we look forward to more interaction with Suitable Technologies regarding digitalization and remote communication in the future.

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